Promotion de l’entrepreneuriat afrobelge féminin

Baby’Prenoires Market


From 13.00 to 21.00, come, meet & support the Baby’Prenoires !
The Baby’Prenoires are ladies, from all ages, who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey.

Spend the day with us in Antwerp to visit the creators Market and discover their businesses ! 

13h - 21h : The Baby'Prenoires Test Market

During daytime, some Belgian Baby’Prenoires will have the opportunity to present their business ideas to visitors. Behind their stands, the young entrepreneurs will get the chance to present their concept
and test some elements of their business in an interactive way : the name, the prototype, the price, the packaging, the visual identity…
The participants are highly encouraged to gather as much insights from visitors and as much new contacts as they can.

The Baby’Prenoires are allowed to sell their creations : cosmetics, food, clothes and more… The Test Market is still a Market !